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debbie clark

Debbie Clark, Executive Director

In 1987, when Dr. Killebrew invited me to be a part of his new concept in women’s healthcare, I had no idea what an extraordinary opportunity was being offered to me. As I began to work at the center I realized I was becoming energized by what I was doing. The harder I worked the more energy was available to me. I now know that this was because I had anger in me around cancer that had no way to be owned, expressed and healed. Cancer had taken my grandmother and grandfather in my childhood. Breast Cancer had taken my dear college friend’s mother before she could see her daughters walk down the isle and before she could hold her grandchildren in her arms. And I had recently helplessly watched while my mother fought cancer twice in two years. I was mad at cancer and working at the Breast Care Center became my way of fighting back. The anger became the fuel that drove me and my contribution became the road to make it better for other women and their families.

I am privileged to work with Dr. Killebrew and our exceptional team of women dedicated to our mission and the women we serve. I am deeply interested in ensuring that each woman that visits our center has the very best possible experience.

I am also proud of the accomplishments of our Oklahoma City community and the collaborative alternatives we have created for the early detection of breast cancer. I have worked with wonderful volunteers and formed rewarding partnerships with the members of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Project Woman Coalition, the Center for Disease Control’s Breast and Cervical Task Force, the National Breast Cancer Coalition and the National Consortium of Breast Centers. We have learned that to make a real and lasting difference you must do it together.

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Debbie Clark

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