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The area is cleansed with an antiseptic solution. The area may or may not be numbed with an anesthetic. Some physicians prefer not to use an anesthetic because the pain is minimal. It is similar to having your blood withdrawn. Others use a very small needle to deaden the tissue in the biopsy area. Your physician will inform you of the preferred method prior to procedure.  A doctor's order may be reuqired for this procedure, please inquire when scheduling your appointment.

The needle with an empty syringe is inserted into the lump by the physician. The needle is gently and slowly moved back and forth in the mass while the syringe is pulling out cells or fluid to remove a sample. The procedure is not painful. There is no scar left on your breast.

If the lump is a cyst, fluid ranging from light yellow to dark, yellow-greenish may be withdrawn. These are normal breast fluid colors. Occasionally, there may be signs of old blood (resembling chocolate milk) or fresh blood (which will be bright red.) Your physician will discuss with you any further tests or follow-up evaluations if this occurs. After an aspiration, you should not be able to feel the lump if it is a cyst.

Cyst fluid is usually not sent for cytology unless it contains blood. The cells removed from a solid lump are sent to the pathology lab for study. The pathology report is sent to your physician stating if the results are malignant or benign. Ask when the results of this report will be available to you and how you will be notified, whether by letter, by phone or in person.

The entire procedure takes five to ten minutes. A bandage is placed on your breast and regular activities can be resumed. You may remove the bandage and shower the same day. Occasionally, a small hematoma (collection of fresh blood appearing as a red lump under the skin) may occur if a small vessel is ruptured by the insertion of the needle. Tell your physician if this occurs so it can be recorded.

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